Since 2012 (under Shaunna's management)

- Multiple # 1 records on the JazzWeek and CMJ charts
- The longest-running #1 record at JazzWeek for the year
- Jazzzdog artists had 10 Grammy nominations (and a couple of wins)
- Many cd's in the top 5 and top 10 at both charts
- Artists who have never charted before made at least one of the charts!
- Increased airplay for all of our artists
- Increased syndicated airplay for artists
- Multiple artist campaigns (both indie and label clients) carried on for 5 months or longer!
- We have seamlessly built upon a decade of excellent success!


From 2002-2012 (under Jane's management)

- Multiple #1 records on the JazzWeek and CMJ charts annually
- Many records in the top 10 annually
- A large percentage of records made the JazzWeek and/or CMJ chart
- Many Grammy nominations and winners for Jazzzdog artists
- Long-running campaigns for label and indie artists alike!
- Increased airplay overall!
- Successful campaigns for both instrumental and vocal records