Jazzzdog Promotions is an independent jazz radio promotion company. We work for record companies (as well as artists and managers) to get their new releases heard nationally on jazz radio. Sounds simple? Well…we want to make it look that way. Basically, we work from the standpoint that we want great music to be heard. Whining is not allowed but truth, enthusiasm and love of each project is a must.

We talk with around 240 + national radio stations, syndicators, satellite providers and internet outlets each week. Our clients get a thorough weekly rundown of what stations think about their projects. We also take the opportunity to do other things for clients: set up interviews, giveaways and keep the flow of press materials moving into the hands of radio. We know that music isn't stagnant and neither is the information about these exciting artists.

Every day, we strive to take care of the artists. It is that basic. We talk with traditional jazz stations that report to JazzWeek, and all that are plugged in enough to have us on their radar. Satellite, cable and syndication are all welcome….and our beloved terrestrial radio.