Shaunna spent over a decade programming jazz radio as Music Director of WDUQ 90.5 FM, Pittsburgh – a top 25 audience market, and historically significant jazz city with a thriving jazz scene. Her beloved station was sold, the format changed, then her longtime record promoter friend, Jane Dashow, gave a call and asked "Hey - what would you think about taking over at Jazzzdog?" So, that's what happened in 2012, and everything has been wonderful since! Just see The Bark page to see how much so.

Along with programming jazz at DUQ, Shaunna spent her days there immersed in listening to new music, talking with Jazz promoters (yep - she knows all of them!), managing databases, crunching audience numbers, fundraising, promoting the station and the music, and managing technology.

Beyond Music Director duties at DUQ, Shaunna also worked with JazzWorks, a national 24-hour syndicated jazz radio service heard on over 40 stations.

Shaunna was one of the founding creators of and contributors to the Jazz section of the successful NPR Music website, and wrote a monthly feature for the Take Five: a Weekly Jazz Sampler series, generating thousands of page views each month.

She has Master’s degree in Communications Management from Duquesne University, and served as adjunct faculty in Media Studies. She taught audio and video production, all things radio and tv, promotion, scriptwriting…lots of things. Media and music has been her world since she was a teenager.

Shaunna LOVES to promote the passion and creativity of jazz music in a way that makes a good fit and good sense for the radio medium.

Shaunna knows from experience what jazz radio programmers look for in a new jazz cd, and can articulate what programmers might find most interesting and valuable about a release and what makes it great for jazz radio audiences. She listens to what programmers say.

She understands radio audiences and what makes each radio audience unique. Shaunna lives in Pittsburgh with her journalist husband (who she met in college radio many years ago), and her son, who loves jazz.

Jane Dashow (Jazzzdog emeritus)

Brak, the official Jazzzdog mascot